Explore the Colours of Australia

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“Breathtakingly beautiful… one piece will never be enough”

– Jan Graham –

NEW FOR 2020

Turquoise Bracelets

Turquoise that ranges from greens through to blues. Bracelets that can also be worn as necklaces.

Pearl Necklaces

Round, freshwater, baroque, peacock, cream through to white. Modern designs using timeless pearls


Australia has a diverse landscape, colour and textures. We capture these colours in our designs as it connects us to the land, the ocean and the environment.


Australia is blessed with the most amazing naturally diverse landscape anywhere in the world.  From the azure coloured waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and white sands of Esperance in Western Australia, the golds of Victoria’s wheat field crops at harvest time, the cool greens of South Australia’s Barossa and wines; the reds and ochre colours of the earth at  Uluru and the vast outback. 

We use this pallet of colour and natural elements to inspire our designs incorporating an assortment of natural and freshwater pearls, leathers, textured and shaped lava, the sheen of sterling silver, and the rich warmth of gold. Coral and hot pinks, to flashes of colours in our Australian opal jewellery, turquoise stone bracelet and softly tumbled seaglass, timber, gumnuts and driftwood to feathers.

…inspiration is everywhere in our jewellery.