Who We Are?

Our beginnings

The word Artoochi was developed to explain how we utilise our creativity when designing. 

Our jewellery and the various elements used to make it, have their own unique energy about them.  Its the energy within each element, that initially attracts the designer to want to incorporate it into their piece.  It’s also the same energy or chi that then attracts the buyer to purchase a particular piece of jewellery.

Most pieces are bespoke, one-off and a wearable piece of art.  Each individual piece will speak to and attract its new owner – who is as unique as the jewellery itself.

We use predominantly sterling silver (925), gold, semi precious and precious gems and a range of found objects in our designs.  Our designs come from our fascination with nature, natural form, colour, texture and the history of adornment of the body using jewellery.

We hope you enjoy wearing our jewellery as much as our artisans enjoy creating it.

The name Artoochi is pronounced – aah-two-chee – meaning – infinite creative energy.

ART – Embracing our creativity in its many forms, functions and beauty.

OO – The double ‘oo‘ symbolises the mark for infinity (∞) to represent creativity being endless.

CHI – Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life force energy.  Like all lifeforms on our planet there is energy within every atom of everything that exists. For us it’s this chi – that compels us to continue to follow our natural talents and calling.  Where this energy and creativity comes from is still shrouded in mystery… it is one of the great unknowns of our human existence.

We go where our Creativity takes us